Weight Loss Hypnosis

Once these first steps have been completed, the hypnosis session can begin.

What Happens During a Hypnosis Session?

Before starting a Weight Loss Hypnosis session, it is essential to determine if the patient will be receptive to this method. To find out, two sessions are necessary. Indeed, not everyone is sensitive to this approach, and some people are not ready to cope with the changes.

Once this first stage has been completed, group sessions can also be set up during which the participants intervene to talk about their problem, exchange information with each other, etc. To lose weight under hypnosis, the practitioner asks each patient a few questions to determine their current eating behavior.

Frequently asked questions are: do you prefer sweet or salty foods? Has your eating behavior changed as a result of a particular event? What image do you have of yourself?

The course of a session

Once these first steps have been completed, the hypnosis session can begin. For this, the atmosphere must be calm, and silence is a must. The light in the room is often filtered or dimmed because the patient must be comfortable and his or her eyes closed.

The practitioner will then proceed to a series of concentration exercises. As the session progresses, the hypnotist will plunge the patient into a state of hypnosis via suggestions. Once hypnotized, the practitioner will ask a series of questions to determine if there was trauma that led to their weight gain and/or excessive eating.

From there, the hypnotist will dictate the course of action to the patient to help them lose weight. The hypnotized person will be able to find the resources to fight against his or her behavior causing the weight gain.

How many hypnosis sessions are needed to get positive results?

For positive results, it is necessary to do between five and six sessions of one hour for the first month plus Self Hypnosis at home. This frequency can be reduced to two or even one sessions in the following months. The first positive results will not be visible right away.

It takes, on average, two months and a half to lose between three and six pounds. One to three pounds can be lost the first month and one to three per month the following months. Of course, this is an average and some factors slow down weight loss (illness, emotional issues, and so on).